MTV is rebranding; ‘I want my MTV’ transforms into ‘I am my MTV’Mtv2

MTV is rebranding; ‘I want my MTV’ transforms into ‘I am my MTV’

Once merely a television channel that aimed only to broadcast music videos, MTV has devolved into something of a pop culture clusterfuck. Real World, Teen Mom, The Jersey Shore were all attempts by network to modernize and rebrand. Now with YouTube, Vine, and Instagram capturing the next wave of young eyeballs, the Viacom-owned network will soon cater to fan-created videos, with its slogan “I want my MTV” changing to “I am my MTV.”

#MTVbump will encourage its audience to submit Vine and Instagram videos to air in between scheduled programming while MTV Are Breaks will showcase experimental video art, music and storytelling produced by up-and-coming artists throughout the globe.

Kerry Taylor of Viacom comments, “MTV has always been committed to reinvention, and it’s time to shed our skin and reinvent again. Our audience expects MTV to push boundaries and take creative risks, and we truly believe that with this rebrand MTV’s international channels will look like nothing else.”

MTV’s re-imagination will bring it to the forefront as the fastest TV network to air audience-created content – reshaping its structure to more effectively embrace its global, rather than local, community.

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