Nielsen unloaded tons of data at EDMBiz — here’s what the numbers say about dance musicEdcbbizz

Nielsen unloaded tons of data at EDMBiz — here’s what the numbers say about dance music

All eyes are on Las Vegas, where the electronic dance music world gathers for both business and pleasure. EDMBiz is well underway and Electric Daisy Carnival will commence tomorrow. Amid a busy day of panels, analytics group Nielsen divulged a series of data and came with no shortage of statistics to explain all facets of the dance music industry.

Nielsen’s VP of branded music, Tatiana Simonian, presented their findings at the EDM: Just The Facts, Man to reveal big numbers — and lots of them. Simonian, who not only had the full attention of her live audience, but was the conference’s most buzzed about speaker on the internet, revealed information on music consumption, festival financials and gender equality.

Music Consumption: Streaming is exploding, sales are definitely not

11.2 billion electronic dance music tracks were streamed over the course of the past year — up 55% from last year.

50 million dance and electronic tracks were purchased in 2014 — compared to 57 million in 2013, a decrease of 14%.

4.2% of all music sales were dance and electronic tracks in 2015 — down from the genre’s representation of 4.6% in 2014.

2.7 million albums have been purchased by EDM fans nearly six months into 2015.

24.7 tracks have been purchased in that same timeframe.

$50 million or greater could be the estimated total revenue between EDM album and singles sales, on the assumption that albums are sold at $10 per unit, and single at $1 per unit.

1:1,500 is the ratio of EDM albums purchased vs albums streamed. Being the case, it works out that;

6 cents are earned per stream. Going by this estimation;

$672 million in streaming revenue should be generated by EDM artists this year.

Festivals, Finance & Flying: Are fans more willing to travel to EDM events than to splurge on tickets?

32 million fans attend music festivals annually. Of that 32M;

47% are white, 27% are Hispanic, 20% are African-American, 5% are Asian.

$138 is the average amount that festival attendees spend on tickets alone.

903 miles are traveled, on average, by each of those fans to attend music festivals.

1,366 miles makes for the longest distance traveled to a music festival with iHeartRadio in Las Vegas.

1,244 miles to be potentially traveled to Coachella is the close second.

Where Are The Women?: They’re (mostly) in the crowds, not the DJ booths

45% of US dance music fans are female. However;

6% of DJs being booked are women.

Via: Fast Company