Nightlife in the UK contributes £66 billion to its economyUK Nightlife

Nightlife in the UK contributes £66 billion to its economy

Night Time Industry Association (NTIA) is a recently formed lobby group in the United Kingdom dedicated to bringing light to the nightlife industry’s impact on the country’s economy. In a recent report titled Forward Into The Night, NTIA revealed that bars, night clubs, and other contributors to UK nightlife make up about £66 of the nation’s economy and 8% of its workforce. In addition to this information, the report also makes a number of recommendations to the British government with the intention of making the industry and the government a better working team. Here is a full list:

– For the night-time economy (NTE) to flourish in the UK, the industry needs to work together to collectively gain favour with policymakers and the police

– The evident social and cultural readjustment to the night-time economy should be accounted for through fair regulation across licensing, planning, entry procedures, and crime. The police and local authorities need to realise the value to the NTE has to local communities

– Nationally, licensing frameworks should work with operators to better support venues while ensuring the safe and effective operation of the industry

– Crime classifications need to be revisited so as to recognise that crime associated with the night-time economy is not committed by venues, but against them

– We should be encouraging a nationally accepted code of conduct for the industry, which ensures best practice, and protects the individual venues that are operating to the standards imposed and accepted by the industry

– The nature of the conversation around the industry needs to change—to support and champion one of the UK’s most culturally significant industries, rather than belittle and stifle it

– Regular research into the quantitative value of the NTE should be undertaken, to ensure that policymakers and industry are made aware of the contribution to UK culture, economy and society

The report has been published right in time for another big development happening in the nightlife industry: the commencement of the 24-hour tube service in London this September.

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