Nile Rodgers enlists Keith Urban for ‘EDM-country’ projectNile Rogers

Nile Rodgers enlists Keith Urban for ‘EDM-country’ project

In 2013, when Avicii introduced the concept of “country-dance,” electronic music fans were taken aback to say the least. At the time, the idea was fairly experimental and people didn’t quite know how to feel about it.

Two years later, we’ve warmed up to the notion of dance music mixing with other types of music. Now that Tim has made his mark on the cross-genre, Nile Rodgers has stepped up to the plate to give fans a taste of his own “EDM-country,” with the help of Australian country singer Keith Urban.

Rodgers admits that their new collaboration may initially leave Urban’s true fans feeling hurt, but is hopeful that the record will come on to fans sooner or later:

“I really pushed him to sing at the top of his range,” Rodgers told The Guardian. “Keith was nervous about it; he wanted to do another take. But I told him I loved the way it sounds. His fans may have some kind of problem at first, but my biggest records have always been like that. A lot of people, the only record they ever bought by David Bowie was Let’s Dance. That’s at least [seven] million albums — he’d never sold anything near that before. So his fanbase got angry: ‘This sucks! This is not Ziggy Stardust! That’s not Scary Monsters!’ But it was huge because it spoke to a broader audience. I think a record like this will speak to a broader audience [for Urban], and the country people will come around.”

Via: The Guardian

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