Paul Kalkbrenner – Cloud Rider (Solomun Remix)Paul Kalkbrenner 7

Paul Kalkbrenner – Cloud Rider (Solomun Remix)

Berlin legend Paul Kalkbrenner recently announced his seventh studio album, 7 the first in his line of work under a new contract with Sony Music International. With lead track “Cloud Rider” igniting the campaign, who better to remix the emotional single than Hamburg’s resident deep house hero, Solomun?

As you’d expect from such a pairing, Solomun approaches Kalkbrenner’s work with the utmost delicacy, crafting an eight-and-a-half minute journey of slowly building rhythms and textures. His treatment of the vocals is both sparing and effective, creating short snippets and scenes that carry the work forward with ease. When all is said and done, it’s another glorious Solomun production that is bound to captive dance floors late into the night.

Paul Kalkbrenner’s new album 7 will will be released on August 7 on Columbia Records.

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