Paul Kalkbrenner releases episode two of video trilogy, ‘Mothertrucker’Paul Kalkbrenner 7

Paul Kalkbrenner releases episode two of video trilogy, ‘Mothertrucker’

Already a month after the release of “Cloud Rider” and its video as the first episode in the Florian trilogy, Paul Kalkbrenner has graced us with “Mothertrucker,” the newest single off the Seven album and episode two of Florian. Going back to his roots, Kalkbrenner went full on techno with “Mothertrucker;” the high-hat accents add a perfect foundation for the dark melody written in a minor key. Retro-sounding synthesizers were also used to craft the track, giving the song an authentic, raw feel.

The darkness of “Mothertrucker” also served as an ever-appropriate soundtrack to the second installment of Florian. At the end of the first episode, Florian had his hopes and happiness brutally crushed when people he tried to share it with jumped him and went on to steal its source – his beloved music. In episode two, we see the impact of these events on the protagonist as the melody brings him into deeper anguish. We later see him grapple violently with his true self as he tries to conform to those around him. The music video is gripping and emotional, and “Mothertrucker” helps tie all the emotions together in a melodic way.

It seems that Florian’s character and his struggles are a good metaphor dance music fans. We’re sure many fans can relate to the constant attempt at getting people to understand their love for the music as well as the pain that comes from rejection and close-mindedness toward it. Florian’s internal battle between staying true to himself and staying with the music and giving it up to fit in is also extremely relate-able. By the end of the video, we were left wondering: is he going to emerge stronger in the third video, or dive deeper into self-hate? Guess we’ll have to wait and see…


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