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Radiohead’s Thom Yorke composes the longest recorded song in history

Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke has broken the record of longest song ever recorded with his most recent 432 hour long creation, “Subterranea.” Yorke composed this 18 day long masterpiece to be the enveloping soundtrack for his artist friend and collaborator, Stanley Donwood’s exhibition The Panic Office held in Sydney, Australia.

Donwood displays the influential and potent role he has played in the artistic success of Radiohead by showcasing the original album artwork he has designed for them over the past 21 years of collaboration.  According to Billboard, “Subterranea” is “built from 25, 920 unique minutes of atmospheric, experimental sounds” all of which have been solely and strategically produced to run for the length of Donwood’s exhibit which began May 21 and ended June 6.

The mysteriously rare exhibition has come to an end, leaving us to fantasize and imagine the momentous experience of booming music and stimulating artwork.

Unfortunately for the Radiohead fans of the world, there are no current plans to release the record breaking track to the public.

Photo Credit: Taras Khimchak