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Snails launches #FreeTheVomit EP for free download

The vomit-step sounds of Snails have invaded the bass scene, simply put. As the only credited producer collaborator on Jack U’s debut studio album, Snails drew a lot of attention his way with his unique synth design. The #FreeTheVomit EP, released both as a free download and an official release available on iTunes, stands sturdy at a total of three tracks – two original tracks, and a VIP with UK Jackin’s monster Ghastly.

“Murda Sound” launches the EP off with a ferocious trap beat and a blast of signature Snails synths. As per usual, the artist sticks to his bubbling style; Snails most certainly believes in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra. A short two-and-a-half minutes brings the production to a close before blasting into newfound territory on familiar land.

The “King is Back VIP,” in which Snails taps Ghastly for support reworking his own track, is a testament to the musical flexibility of the EP’s mastermind – and his vomit-step sound. While a variation in production is typically a far cry from the original work, Snails, with Ghastly in tow, sticks to his guns once again.

“VMPR,” the closing track on Snails’ recent extended play, does little to differentiate from the others; while the artist uses a sample popularized through the popular show Whale Wars, the track’s atmosphere remains in the dirt. Rough, gritty, and harsh are the defining words of this EP.

Snails is here to stay. From the quality of his productions to the massive peer-support he has gained for his work, the bass-heavy producer has proven time and time again that his “vomit-step” movement isn’t a fad and while diehard Snails fans will surely enjoy the #FreeTheVomit EP, we’d love to see what he can really do when he leaves his comfort zone.

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