SoundCloud introduces new streaming limit for outside applicationsButton Soundcloud

SoundCloud introduces new streaming limit for outside applications

Yesterday, online music streaming site SoundCloud announced a new limit for use of their information on applications. As it exists today, any application developed by a third party can use SoundCloud’s musical content freely. On July 1, the company plans to limit the use of SoundCloud’s API to 15,000 streams per day for each client. This action is said to be taken in protection of their information from outside abuse according to a press release distributed earlier this week.

…”we’re dealing with an increasing number of applications that abuse creator content. To help us limit this type of behaviour, we’re introducing a daily rate limit on API play requests.”

For any developers that would like to continue using SoundCloud’s API at a higher rate than the newly implemented limit allows, the company will soon be offering alternative options. Be prepared to cough up a bit of cash for those rights, though.

From an end-user’s perspective, there will be no change. This new limitation has no effect on embeds, so your favorite music discovery and social media sites will be no different.

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