Take a look into the Dot Party dome with Skrillex and DJ SnakeDotparty 09

Take a look into the Dot Party dome with Skrillex and DJ Snake

Earlier this month, a spaceship touched down in Los Angeles.

Well, not really — but close enough. An enigmatic dome popped up in the middle of the Los Angeles Coliseum and brought over 2,500 people to the stadium for an event quite unlike most football outings that take place in the iconic venue in the current day. For some, a wave of nostalgia swept over while descending down the stairs of the Coliseum, bringing them back to 2010 where the¬†very last Los Angeles edition of Electric Daisy Carnival was held. Hosted and incepted by Notch, Dot Party, or .party(), was the first dance music event to touch back down in the historic Coliseum since 2010 and held its own ground as one of the most unique events across the live music sphere.

Held in a 200 by 69 foot pop up dome, Dot Party took several record titles with a roster of impressive talent to boot. Drawing fans from all over with the help of surprise guest DJ Snake and Skrillex, Dot Party became the largest freestanding temporary dome to ever be built. Inside, the dome was lit up by a 360 mapped projection directed¬†by the Production Club that showed wild animations from every direction. More than just a visual experiment, the Dot Party dome delivered an all-inclusive sensory experience. Take a visit back into the Dot Party dome with their recap video. Here’s to hoping they’ll be back next year.

Photo by Rukes.

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