The Radar Episode 032: Mixed Justin IsobeJustin Isobe

The Radar Episode 032: Mixed Justin Isobe

In today’s digital climate, crate digging is a long lost artform but it’s guys like Justin Isobe who are keeping the dream alive. A techno purist with some delightfully eccentric tastes, Isobe brings a polished touch to the sounds of New York’s underground. Known for his lengthy mixtapes and warped song selection, the burgeoning techno talent spends his time on our Radar podcast crafting a mesmerizing two hours of industrial techno, shifty tech house, and haunting electronica that will leave you scratching your head and checking the tracklist at every turn.

Marcelo Cura – Acuario (Original Mix)
Rockwell & Landers – Little Helper 165-3 (Original Mix)
Francesco Squillante – The Base (Original Mix)
Outway – Who’s In? (Zlatnichi Vrhovsky Vokalov Remix)
Franz Costa – Freedom (Flashers Remix)
Zlatnichi – Seed (Original Mix)
Ahmet Mecnun – Bronx (Outway Remix)
Gauthier DM – Revenge (Neverdogs Remix)
Zlatnichi – Serious Damage (Original Mix)
Zlatnichi – Misunderstood Drummer (Original Mix)
Makanan – People (Original Mix)
DJ Lion, Rottom, Truemode – Come Home (DJ Lion & Truemode Remix)
Justin Isobe – ID
Ismael Casimiro – From Start to Finish (The Midnight Perverts Last Things First Mix)
Daniel Dubb, m.O.N.R.O.E. – Wherever You At (Original Mix)
Santierri – Smashead (Original Mix)
Ben Grunnell – Clandestine (Original Mix)
Klaue, Tatze, Tomos Henri – The Workout (Tomos Henri Dub)
Outway – Hey Dude (Original Mix)
Justin Isobe – ID
Ben Lb – Sigalala (Bionex Remix)
Fat Sushi – The Groove (Original Mix)
Deetech – Mind Control (Original Mix)
Frano Cazzola – Love (Ahmet Sisman Remix)
Themay, Art.Ed – Back Home (Original Mix)

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