Zeds Dead team up with Megalodon for ‘Wit Me Dub’ [Free Download]Zeds Dead Megalodon Wit Me Dub Artwork

Zeds Dead team up with Megalodon for ‘Wit Me Dub’ [Free Download]

Everyone knows DC and Hooks can be chameleons on the production front. They can go from electro-house to UK garage and back to drum n’ bass on the same release and still make it sound distinct. The pair have established themselves over multiple releases as fearless genre-crossers, but bass music is where Zeds Dead‘s specialty truly lies, and with their latest, DC and Hooks return to dubstep in impeccable form. Teaming up with fellow bass aficionado Megalodon for “Wit Me Dub,” Zeds Dead quickly follow up on “Collapse 2.0,” offering one of their grimiest pieces in recent memory.

The tune is a snarling bass monster that pairs quintessential dub and reggae elements with a heavy-handed barrage of sirens and crashing synth layers, delivered at a beating, syrupy 70 beats per minute. Thundering drum hits behind over-distorted Jamaican patois rattle and hiss on this scalding new haymaker collaboration.

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