ƱZ releases ‘Frontier EP,’ announces more to come next weekUZ Frontier

ƱZ releases ‘Frontier EP,’ announces more to come next week

July is shaping up to be a big month for ƱZ. Not even a week after releasing his final installment of Trap Shit, ƱZ has delivered his newest EP, Frontier. The first two tracks on Frontier don’t veer far from ƱZ’s classic style; characterized by minimalistic drops and understated futuristic pads, Gladiator” and “Bubbles” wouldn’t be out of place in the Trap Shit series.

The EP hits its stride in its titular song. “Frontier” is an amalgamation of eastern-flavored bhangra samples and rough, angular bass synths that recall of an 808-infused Beats Antique track. The aptly-titled “Chainsaw” closes out the EP with snarling reese bass, crashing snares, and a powerhouse rhythm that deviates from ƱZ’s signature slow grooves.

In addition to Frontier, the producer has a couple more treats in store for July. ƱZ plans to release a BitTorrent bundle on July 21st, containing 45 tracks and other goodies such as a Trap Translator, so fans can type in his signature cryptic font. Also within the bundle, fans can find the key to unlock the elusive “Trap Shit V10” and a contest for aspiring rappers to collaborate with him. He also will speak to fans for the very first time in a Reddit AMA. Though we’ve officially said goodbye to Trap Shit, ƱZ fans still have plenty to anticipate.


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