ƱZ’s upcoming EP may be his lastUZ Still

ƱZ’s upcoming EP may be his last

The ever enigmatic ƱZ raised questions yesterday when he announced that the impending release of Trap Shit 23-25 would be the final installment of his long-running Trap Shit series. The 13 second teaser ƱZ posted is consistent with the style of his previous Trap Shit releases, looping eerie, dark, staccato-laden trap. This new installment, however, is more melancholy than prior releases. 

 Keeping with his air of mystery, ƱZ‘s post raises a lot of questions amongst his fan base. When will Trap Shit 23-25 be released? What’s next for  ƱZ? Will he branch into other genres, or is this release his swan song? And most importantly; will we finally get to see the man behind the mask?





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