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3LAU bends genres with his new experimental EP, ‘Alive Again’

Long gone are the mash-up days that first launched 3LAU into the spotlight; now, the Vegas native is trying his hand at something new. With one foot still in the door of his signature anthemic house genre, Justin Blau has revealed “Alive Again,” labeled as his take on progressive trance.

Still defiantly a 3LAU production, “Alive Again” leans heavily towards the sound that might rock a festival main stage rather than Insomniac’s recently announced all trance Dreamstate, yet, the track finds its own wings thanks to the lofty vocals of Emma Hewitt and a striking riff of piano chords that lead into a powerful melodic breakdown.

Taking his own experimental project one step further, 3LAU has released an entire Alive Again EP with different renditions of the title track. “Each version of Alive Again was created with different production techniques, different song-writing styles,” he explained regarding the approach for his new EP. “Each strives to invoke a unique emotional response.” Proving his own words true, 3LAU released an ‘experimental mix’ of “Alive Again” in tandem with the original version. The experimental slows the tempo, creating a more melancholic chill house temperature that steps far from the progressive trance label of the original.

The Alive Again EP also debuts an acoustic version alongside the ‘experimental’ and original.

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