A$AP Rocky – LSD (Shemce Remix)Asap Rocky Lsd Shemce Remi

A$AP Rocky – LSD (Shemce Remix)

Hot off his sophomore album’s release last month, A$AP Rocky’s “LSD” stood out amongst the rest when we saw the notoriously raw rapper illustrate a more melodic side to his lyrical gift. Immediately seeing a commonality between his indie dance propensities and the psychoactive tune, Canada’s Shemce saw an extraordinary opportunity to take “LSD” into an acoustic territory of its own. The Canadian virtuoso plants shimmering progressive synths aside a deeper backbone until about midway when Shemce injects a hip-hop percussion break down to allow A$AP Rocky’s flow to take its natural course. If you’re searching for a track that treads in multiple genre pools, look no further.

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