Ableton is hosting a new summit for music makers called LoopAbleton Loop

Ableton is hosting a new summit for music makers called Loop

On October 30, Ableton will host a three-day summit in Berlin called Loop, where various music creators — from artists to audio engineers to technologists — will come together to lead discussions, attend keynote speaker sessions, exchange ideas, participate in workshops, and much more. Loop will focus on the present techniques of making music and where music creation is headed in the future.

The summit’s program will include talks like “Flow: On immersion and focus in music-making” with Bryan Rill, “Creativity in the Engineer’s Chair” with Young Guru, “Defy or Classify: Electronic music beyond genre” with Dot, Electric Indigo, female:pressure, and more. Other participants include Recloose, Moldover, Daniel Miller of Mute Records, and more. You can check out all the details and register for tickets over at the Loop official website.

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