AC Slater & Sinden release their first EP on Night Bass Records: ‘Not No Love’Artworks 000122428493 R5e465 T 1

AC Slater & Sinden release their first EP on Night Bass Records: ‘Not No Love’

Two weeks after announcing the official transition of Night Bass from an event series to a record label, AC Slater and Sinden have just released its first EP. Not No Love is comprised of four tracks that each carry the throbbing plucks Slater has pioneered into popularity.

Beginning on a mellower note, “The Chirp” takes away the 4/4 beat associated with house music and focuses on the staggered “chirps” and a groovy melody. On the opposite end of the spectrum, “Waterverb” takes on a speedier BPM while AC Slater and Sinden integrate congas, steel drums, and the classic Night Bass “wubs” into a high-energy track. Deep house and trippy UFO samples are abound in “Skywalker OG,” named after a strain of marijuana, the song¬†pays homage to it appropriately. Finally, the title track¬†embodies all the traits of a typical AC Slater tune: a cadence that fans have come to recognize and respect as it’s gained traction across the states.

Night Bass is off to a superb start; This Is Night Bass Vol 1 was well-received when artists like Jack Beats and Jay Robinson on the compilation list. Less than a month later, AC Slater and Sinden have set the bar high for EPs in the future with Not No Love.

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