Alesia release 18 unfinished tracks, announce forthcoming EPAlesia Crowd

Alesia release 18 unfinished tracks, announce forthcoming EP

With the exception of their monstrous remix of OG Maco’s “U Guessed It” with Eprom, Alesia have been fairly quiet for the last several months. Earlier this week, they broke their silence, releasing an 18-track .zip file of “years of unreleased work,” along with the promise of a new EP.

The collection varies from industrial techno, to vicious trap, to pieces that are far too experimental to even classify – in keeping with Alesia’s strict anti-genre stance. Below are a few highlights from the .zip, but the whole collection is available to stream and download on their SoundCloud.

The .zip kicks off with “Touuua V2,” which is true to the industrial tech-house form that Alesia is best known for, but includes areas of funky, futuristic pads reminiscent of Chromeo and Oliver. Given how often Alesia includes these pads over the course of the tracks, it’s safe to say we can expect more of this direction in future releases.

“ALESIA&UZ 26 Juillet 14 01,” ostensibly a collaboration with ƱZ, delves into dark, gritty, industrial trap.

“Unenchanted3” is a sinister midtempo track that is akin to earlier Alesia releases, like “Iudas,” but also laden with those uncharacteristically melodically pads.

Alesia also teases upcoming remixes to Tchami’s “Afterlife and Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone”

Be on the lookout for a release date for New Order Pt. II on the horizon.

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