Avicii recruits Carnage, Marshmello and more for his latest remix packageWaitingforloveremies

Avicii recruits Carnage, Marshmello and more for his latest remix package

A remix package today will typically consist of a variety of artists that slide into their listings comfortably with predictable genre variations of the original track. When dealing with his hit single “Waiting for Love” co-written by Martin Garrix, however, Avicii was having none of it. Instead, a star-studded roster of established and upcoming artists dissect and rearrange each element of the original production, resulting in six remixes that often defy what one may expect to hear from the new PRMD EP.

Going along with an increasingly popular trend to include an instrumental version in an electronic remix package, Prinston & Astrid S use an acoustic guitar and vocals in place of overbearing synth displays for their take on “Waiting for Love.”

Carnage and Headhunterz, on the other hand, hold nothing back in their rip-roaring hardstyle take on Avicii and Martin Garrix’s gentle track. The juxtaposition of the remix’s synths and drum work with the original’s brings the practical silliness of Carnage’s brand to life, and the entire remix just drips with the hardstyle work of Hearhunterz. While not the most polished remix on the EP, the track certainly accomplishes its goal in porting the pop-progressive track to the hardstyle world.

Sam Feldt‘s remix keeps the original track’s atmosphere but removes the signature Avicii characteristics and dresses it up for the festival stage. The remix comes as a bit of a surprise as many see the Sam Feldt name and jump to tropical house assumptions, but his work in the big room genre is well done, even if lacking in creativity for the track’s main riff.

A major highlight comes from the up-and-coming artist out of Avicii’s own camp, Tundran. For both its creativity and execution of the sound engineering throughout, Tundran‘s remix stands out brightly as the one to be remembered here. You’d be hard-pressed to throw a genre title atop this production, but frankly, it’s better without one.

Autograf takes the deeper driven route to their approach with a track that hints towards tropical house but quickly becomes a progressive dance-floor filler. For those that find Tundran’s take too inaccessible for their taste, Autograf’s remix is bound to be a crowd pleaser and fan favorite. The new, reworked riff brings life to the track while carrying a dreamy air of the original tune.

And then there is the mysterious Marshmello. Some love him for his anonymity, fluffy appearance, and playful social media appearance, but his tracks are cheerfully up to par. While the artist is undeniably recycling a sound that has worked for him in the past, it’s a tasteful remix that throws 808s over Avicii and Martin Garrix. How can you hate it?

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