Bag Raiders – Waterfalls EPWaterfalls

Bag Raiders – Waterfalls EP

Bag Raiders have established themselves as leaders in indie electronic music production; each of their releases possess a disco-inspired sound that distinguishes their music from that of their peers. A year after their last EP, Nairobi, which featured tribal elements on top of groovy basslines, the artists have taken a more tropical direction with the release of Waterfalls.

Having already released “Vapour Trails” about a month ago, which set a lighter tone with silky vocals and tropical house accents, “Wonderland” and “Waterfalls” continue the trend set for the three-track compilation a month ago. Clocking in at six minutes, “Wonderland” also features uplifting vocals in addition to a funky melody played by vintage synthesizers. Light and airy, the track takes the listener to a beach setting, where dancing next to the ocean at sunset is easily imagined. Standing out from the rest of the EP is “Waterfalls;” the namesake track lays down a samba-esque rhythm while including steel drum touches that maintain the previously islander ethos.