You can now see what Avicii and Maroon 5 are ShazamingShazam

You can now see what Avicii and Maroon 5 are Shazaming

Have you ever wondered what songs catch the ear of Avicii or Clean Bandit that have them using Shazam? Well, the music discovery app looks to give fans an insight into what their favorite artists are Shazaming with a new social feature that is now available when you update the app. Thirty artists have confirmed to be partnering with Shazam including Avicii, Calvin Harris,Clean Bandit, One Direction, Alicia Keys, Maroon 5, and more with more to follow.

Currently, the app’s artist pages only consist of tracks and videos related to that artist, but with the new update, Shazam looks to create a direct interaction between fans and artists by allowing them to see what their favorite artists are discovering. After the artist adds a song to their feed, fans will also be able to “like” track and also see how many times a track has been searched for. You can check out the new feature by updating your Shazam app today.

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