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Dario G – Sunchyme (Bryan Kearney Bootleg Mix)

Bryan Kearney has been releasing a lot of music on his Soundcloud over the past couple months. Barely over a week after teasing his collaboration with Will Rees, he has introduced yet another piece to the world. This time, the Irish trance producer decided to provide his take on the 1997 hit “Sunchyme,” by Dario G. Rising to the challenge of remixing a trance classic that once claimed number two spot on Billboard charts, Kearney did an impressive job of modernizing “Sunchyme” while maintaining the it’s original charm.

While keeping the original piano melody and vocal samples, this remix experiences an increase in tempo. Sharp-pitched synths add a slight tech-trance feel to the song, yet it is not as dark as other productions in the genre. Further breaching tech-trance territory, a pounding bass-line is added to the end of the breakdown, taking an opposite direction of the pitch-heightening done at the end of the original’s breakdown.

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