David Guetta faces more controversy for his use of a live horse in his Pacha show

Parties thrown by DJs in Ibiza are renowned for their elaborate lavishness. This year, David Guetta pushed the envelope a bit too far for the opening party of his F*** Me I’m Famous Thursday night residency at Pacha. The French DJ brought a live horse inside the club for a stunt that brings his latest promotional video for his summer of FMIM parties to real life. In both the video and the live show, Native American headdresses are prominently featured. Unsurprisingly, both the use of a live animal in a loud, crowded club and the show’s arguable cultural appropriation invited in criticism from the internet.

At the helm of the Internet’s angered voice was Deadmau5 who took to Twitter to condemn Guetta’s decision by bringing up the fact that a thousand-pound animal easily startled by flashing lights and noise doesn’t belong in a nightclub surrounded by partiers and alcohol. Some who learned about the incident felt so strongly about the well-being of the horse that they created a petition to stop the use of the horse in Guetta’s show. The leader of the petition adds that the horse allegedly has two injured legs and an injured back, and that an attendee of the show observed that the horse was extremely stressed. The petition already has 4,000 signatures and you can read more and sign it here

david guetta horse ibiza

H/T: Pulse

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