Deadmau5 agrees with Noel Gallagher- ‘bullsh*t lazy CD playing’ DJs need to do moreDeadmau5 Tryst 1

Deadmau5 agrees with Noel Gallagher- ‘bullsh*t lazy CD playing’ DJs need to do more

Electronic music’s resident whistle blower deadmau5 has taken to Tumblr for a longer-form critique than is possible through his usual medium of Twitter. After Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher recently criticized EDM DJs after Avicii and Gallagher each played the main stage of Scotland’s T in the Park Festival this year. Joel joined the conversation, agreeing that DJs playing a ticketed event, especially in a headlining slot, ought to do more than stand there and press play.

This is far from the first time that deadmau5 has spoken on this matter. He recently opined that DJs who spent less than $200,000 on a stage show are ripping off the audience, and he has spoken in the past about his thoughts on the what a producer and what a DJ should each bring to a live show. In his post, deadmau5 starts by acknowledging that there’s nothing wrong with a new artist making a “banger” in order to get some recognition and make a little money- “I’ve fuckin been there. I get it. That’s totally fine.” Making an album with a disingenuous sound and getting bookings isn’t what bothers deadmau5 either. It’s only at the point that an artist is headlining a major festival or another career-high event and they resort to relying on CDJs where he is “CONFUSED. are you or are you not a guy who can use a comupter to make music? because youre making in upwards of 200K to play a fucking CD…. so… wait. why? DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Youre a fucking act. youre beyond a CD player. at least YOU FUCKING BETTER BE if im going to pay 100 bucks to watch you.” Joel suggests using MIDIs, OSC (Open Sound Control) “if you wanna get even cooler about it” or if all else fails, investing in some impressive stage design. This lazy and uncreative standard of main stage DJs, deadmau5 claims, is what Gallagher was talking about, not electronic dance music as a whole. You can read his entire Tumblr post here.

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