Deadmau5 predicts his next album to arrive by 2016Deadmau5 Honda 1200p 17 Of 23

Deadmau5 predicts his next album to arrive by 2016

Aside from his usual controversy stirring headlines, Deadmau5 hinted at some exciting work in-the-making for anxious fans today. After sharing several Instagram photos of blueprints and the beginning constructions of a new studio, Deadmau5 continued to explain his game plan for the rest of the year on Twitter.

Predicting the finalization of his studio by fall, the Canadian producer plans to go into “winter studio hibernation” and reappear on the other end of the new year with a new album ready by January 2016. Giving himself less than six months to deliver a full LP, we can only hope that he’ll hit his deadline.

Speaking of studio, here’s where they’re at

A photo posted by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on

It may just be a tweet, but we’re holding you to that promise, Joel.

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