Deadmau5 surprises Comic Con clubbers with intimate performanceDeadmau52

Deadmau5 surprises Comic Con clubbers with intimate performance

Right before midnight on Friday during Comic Con weekend, one of San Diego’s most reputable clubs, Fluxx, had a surprisingly small line out front. Even odder, it seemed to be the only club downtown offering free entry amidst the sea of tourists. Perhaps it was due to the event scheduled that night — innocuously titled “Comic Con Cinephile Party,” it dwarfed in comparison to other other venues who were booking big-named artists.

What the droves of people carelessly walking past Fluxx didn’t know was that they were missing out on a rare opportunity. Once past the five minute line and into the club, attendees of the “Cinephile” party were greeted with an intricate light show, pieces of actual movie sets lining the club as decoration, and none other than Deadmau5 behind the decks. The scene in the club is one not observed very often; operating at only around 2/3rd’s capacity the whole night, there was an astounding amount of room to dance to tracks like “Avaritia,” “Strobe,” and “Cthulhu Sleeps” at they flowed through the speakers.

Deadmau5 surprises Comic Con clubbers with intimate performanceDeadmau5 Flu


Another fascinating aspect of this show was that half of those in attendance either didn’t realize it was Deadmau5 playing, or didn’t know who he was in the first place. Even so, the energy was high and smiles lit up everyone’s faces as they danced to the well-crafted set that the Canadian musician played. As the night wound down, Deadmau5 ended his set in a typical fashion, playing a cut of Avicii’s “Levels,” and telling the crowd to “Enjoy the big room!” after he left the stage.

Photo Credit: Fluxx

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