Diplo defends the unpopular opinion on Justin Bieber and MadonnaDiplo Billboard

Diplo defends the unpopular opinion on Justin Bieber and Madonna

Diplo has a knack for creating chart-topping hits and bringing new artists into the fold who instantly top ‘Ones To Watch’ lists. In fact, his influence as a tastemaker is so strong that he, along with Skrillex, made the bold movement of bringing none other than Justin Bieber into the oftentimes secluded realm of dance music.

Jack Ü’s collaboration with Bieber “Where Are Ü Now” recently went platinum, but even the impressive milestone was dismally received. From start to finish, Diplo and Skrillex have faced more extreme crticism than usual for their collaborative choice. Even Kaskade, who remixed the track and has a fan base known for their loyalty and trust in Kaskade’s artistic judgement, was hit with the same disapproval. Diplo responded to those who blindly dismissed Bieber’s association with Jack Ü by focusing on his own personal experience with the megastar. “Bieber’s personal life is whatever it is. But he’s respectful to me, and he has that weird gene where he’s good at everything, better at basketball than me, better at drums.”

Diplo’s also latched onto another celebrity figure when he co-produced several new songs on Madonna’s latest album, including her new single “Bitch I’m Madonna.” In the same stroke as Bieber, Madonna’s reemergence into dance music culture ruffled many feathers among the younger crowd. But continuing to defend his choice in collaborators, Diplo lauded Madonna’s influence on pop culture and how she “created the world we live in.” He also acknowledged the difficulties she faces as an older woman in the music industry, concluding with one final irony. “She sold out her tour in minutes,” Diplo pointed out, “but no one seems to want her to succeed.”

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