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Dosem – Runnerpark (Jeremy Olander Remix)

Between his newly formed Vivrant label and the recent inception of his own lo-fi concept, all signs have pointed to a marker year for Stockholm’s Jeremy Olander. For his remix of Dosem’s “Runnerpark,” released today on the Suara label, Olander digs deeper into his techno demons for a notable first instalment for┬áthe label. Drifting away from the dark techno that is Dosem’s original version, the deep bassline is eventually replaced with a lighter, groovier one while the running drum samples complements the melody that originally led the song. Not to be forgotten, Pryda-esque progressive synths also line the background, making the resulting output a fusion of the two genres. Though tough for the underdeveloped ear to pick out at first, the subtle changes taking place as the track builds up make for a complex and entrancing auditory experience.

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