Droog makes Culprit label debut with Spectral EPDroog Spectral Ep

Droog makes Culprit label debut with Spectral EP

Culprit label founders Droog have finally made their label debut alongside young Spanish talent Edu Imbernon. Sure, it’s over half a decade after Culprit began, but in the case of this EP late is definitely better than never. True to its name, the title track is a haunting slow burn of a track that ripples over swells of melody and a tip-toeing rhythm.

A remix by Hot Creations‘ star wAFF opts for a more acid-tinged sound, while Watergate Records’ Ruede Hagelstein opts for a sultry tribal direction layered with lush percussion.

“Smokefalls,” on the other hand, grabs you fiercely by the collar and leads you down a dark and sinister path of chilling notes and a driving beat.

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