Eric Prydz – Opus (Original Mix)Opus

Eric Prydz – Opus (Original Mix)

As Eric Prydz’s EDC set was coming to a close, the music fell silent around 10 minutes before ending time. Slowly, a quiet string melody akin to the sound of a mandolin began playing over the speakers. Picking up speed with each repetition, violins in the background and a light brushing of the drums subtly introduced themselves while the song built in intensity. Finally, sweet release came close to four minutes in as the signature Eric Prydz progressive synths and 4/4 kick gave the crowd a rhythm to dance to. Emotion was at an all time high and everyone in the crowd was wondering: what was this beautiful piece of music Prydz was closing with?

Shortly after, its name was revealed: “Opus.” Like all Prydz productions, the creativity and work that went into the track’s production led to it being shared all over by its fans. Though most Prydz IDs that are played during his sets never see their release, his followers were lucky with this one. Last week, the Swedish progressive house pioneer posted a picture on his Facebook page featuring “Opus” album art, implying there would be an announcement made soon pertaining to the song. Today, he has posted the entire masterpiece on his Soundcloud along with the release date: July 27. “Opus,” along with the pending release of Pryda 10 Vol 2, are setting the foundation for a bountiful summer of new music for Eric Prydz.

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