Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’ to be re-released as Avicii remixAvicii 5

Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’ to be re-released as Avicii remix

‘Timeless’ is a word that should be used sparingly when it comes to writing about electronic music — especially with our remix-recycle culture and ever-increasing turnover rate of new songs in mind. Yet, if there’s any such track from the past two decades that warrants the label, it’s Faithless’s 1995 jam, “Insomnia.” Like the anthem of the no-sleep generation, it served as one of the biggest tracks of rave’s heyday. Even today, it’s near impossible not to hear “Insomnia” appear at a festival in some form, whether it be Maxi Jazz’s classic acapella, or the iconic synth riff of the song’s climax.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, “Insomnia” will now be re-released as a remix by Avicii. The song will be dubbed “Insomnia 2.0” and and will be officially out this week on July 24. If you’ve caught Tim Bergling live recently, chances are you’ve heard this one played out.

Regardless of your opinion towards the Swedish superstar, if there’s one thing Avicii can do well, it’s write a hit. With such sacred material at his fingertips, we have no doubt Bergling has cooked up some magic once again.

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