‘We Are Your Friends’ releases a second trailer prior to its August releaseWe Are Your Friends

‘We Are Your Friends’ releases a second trailer prior to its August release

Just when you thought news of that Zac Efron DJ film We Are Your Friends had died away, a second trailer was just released and gives even more material to elicit commentary and confusion. The film’s PR team has apparently realized that the tagline “if you’re a DJ, all you need is a laptop, some talent, and one track” wouldn’t necessarily gander the support of the electronic music community, and the tagline has notably been omitted from the second trailer.

This version will look familiar to those from the Los Angeles area thanks to footage from clubs and areas around the San Fernando Valley. The plot will most likely shock no one: there’s a romance, drama between bros, and a tearing decision for our young, “one song, some talent” protagonist to choose between a mundane desk job or following his true passion (or his girlfriend) and become a DJ.

Though its easy to dismiss the entire premise as an inaccurate portrayal of an industry, Laidback Luke offered a more moderate way to look at it on his Twitter: “If I was 14 or 15 today and an aspiring DJ, I’d love a movie like We Are Your Friends. I can totally see that. See, to me, it’s only now that I see how mellow the original Karate Kid movie was. But as a kid it sure motivated me to take up karate.”

We Are Your Friends is out on August 28th.

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