Gesaffelstein has left a mysterious countdown on his websiteGesaffelstein Rise Of Depravity Ep1

Gesaffelstein has left a mysterious countdown on his website

In April, Gesaffelstein fans were heartbroken when he announced that his Coachella set — which served as the formal introduction to the French pioneer for many sun-baked, Californian festival-goers — would be his “last live set.”

Gesaffelstein takes the prefix of his name from “Gesamtkunstwerk” — German for “total work of art.” His devoted cult following could take solace in the fact that, though he was concluding the run of his Aleph-based live show — which many, including this writer, would consider the most perfectly calculated performance in recent dance music history — he would still be creating, and working towards becoming a “total work of art.”

Since retiring the corinthian pillars and white beacons, Gesaffelstein has quietly been involved in a number of projects. He has collaborated with legendary French composer Jean-Michel Jarre, he’s provided the score for Diane Kruger’s acclaimed film Disorder, but we haven’t yet seen any solitary work from Gesaffelstein himself.


Today, Gesaffelstein fans rejoice, speculate, and look at their calendars after he laconically posted to Facebook, “” The site is fully black, and provides only a countdown, and a musical backdrop of an ominous buildup that never culminates. Right now, the ticker sits at 63 days. We don’t know what Gesaffelstein has in store for September, but we know it will be unforgettable.