Fly Boy Records unleashes debut release from Humans & MachinesHumans Machines Lesson 101 Angst Fly Boy Records

Fly Boy Records unleashes debut release from Humans & Machines

Bristol-based duo Icarus have unearthed absolute dancefloor devastation with the second release on their Fly Boy Records, a label dedicated to finding the best rising talent in all spheres of electronic music. The EP comes from Humans & Machines, who make their debut release with two thick techno smashers, “Lesson 101” and “Angst”.

Icarus have been championing “Lesson 101” in nearly all their sets, and rightfully so. Building with chopped vocal murmurs and a brooding vibe, the track nosedives into an unstoppable and infectious synth riff, leaving little in its way as it pushes forward. On the flip, “Angst” delivers as promised, with a choppy rhythm and squelching acid lines providing the tension as shuffling percussion and a robotic female vocal sample cooes “Don’t be afraid.” It’s quite the debut from Humans & Machines, and these tracks will undoubtedly be doing damage this summer.

Release Date: August 10

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