iOS 9 update will include high-quality audio optionIOS 9

iOS 9 update will include high-quality audio option

Music aficionados today have access to many state-of-the-art speaker systems to enjoy the highest quality sound at home. In reality, however, a lot of every day listening is done on mobile devices and subjected to the mediocre quality of smart phone playback. Apple is hoping to continue propelling the edge it has established with Apple Music with the latest update to its mobile operating system, iOS 9.

The update, which was released to developers in the third iOS beta bundle this week, will allow for a high-quality audio option when Apple users are using cellular data. The official release will be a part of the complete iOS 9 update this fall, but users who signed up for the public beta can test this option out before then. Right now, music streamed on Apple Music is lower-quality on cellular data, and better when streamed on a wi-fi connection. The best quality that the service streams is equivalent to iTunes purchases (256 kbps AAC). This higher quality will come at a price — users who stream at a higher bit rate will use more data and drain their battery more quickly while increasing the chance for playback to be glitchy at times. For users who don’t want to sacrifice audio quality on mobile, however, this update may be well worth it.  

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