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Jordan Suckley – Aztec Curse (Original Mix)

A month after revealing the title and teaser clip of “Aztec Curse” by Jordan Suckley, the track has finally seen its release on Damaged Records. Originally created for his ASOT 700 set in Buenos Aires, the robust tech-trance style makes it evident that “Aztec Curse” is a Jordan Suckley creation.

Set at a slower speed, 135 BPM, the track has more sonic space to work with as a result and subtle layers like soft high-hats and an arpeggiated bassline in the background are easier to discern. In combination with these layers, a creepy melody used with precise synths give “Aztec Curse” a dark and evil ethos, much like its name. With its official release, Suckley followers have something to satisfy their craving for new music while they wait for the highly anticipated release of his remix of Tiesto’sSuburban Train.”

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