Kamara – Lucid Sandman (Original Mix)Kamara Ep

Kamara – Lucid Sandman (Original Mix)

Dutch techno collective Kamara first started gaining traction on the global circuit in 2012, rallying label duties for Disco:Wax and Sudbeat with their fine blend of coming-of-age techno with a progressive backbone. Their first installment for Christian Smith’s Tronic imprint cuts into three distinct elements of the trio’s underground panache: the percussive, the trippy and the melodically refined. “Lucid Sandman” is by far the EP’s finest moment, playing on the sharp percussive undertones of Kamara’s previous studio work whilst revisiting that somewhat progressive edge for a dose of melodic respite. As a result, the Hauptbahnhoff EP benefits from an unforgetable sign-off whilst pointing to a musical space where Kamara look sure to organically blossom over the coming years.

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