Kiiara strikes ‘Gold’ with stunning debut trackScreen Shot 2015 07 02 At 12.20.51 PM

Kiiara strikes ‘Gold’ with stunning debut track

20-year-old singer-songwriter Kiiara’s debut track “Gold” has potential to do what “Royals” did for Lorde. With production help from SZA collaborator, Felix Snow, the Illinois native’s trajectory of the song can be reflected by the already half a million plays on her SoundCloud page. The unique tinge in her voice floats over a chopped and screwed R&B beat that will have your head bobbing nonstop all day at work and in your sleep. Fun fact: Kiiara’s day job is curently as a hardware store employee, but we have a feeling it won’t be for much longer. Be on the lookout for her forthcoming debut EP, Meet Me in the Cornfield.

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