Music festivals make the best cardio workoutsCRSSD Festival 2015 43

Music festivals make the best cardio workouts

By now you’ve probably stuffed yourself into a holiday weekend food coma because ‘Murica, but you might need those excess calories to plow through festival season. Tech company Withings has compiled a list of 10 major UK festivals and calculated the number of calories people could potentially be losing. The firm analyzes festival site maps combined with utilizing tracking technology to assess the potential energy expended by festival-goers. Taking the number one spot is Glastonbury with an estimated 3,400 calories burned per day, the equivalent to 5.1 miles per day. Rounding out the top ten is T4 On The Beach with attendees sweating out as much as 2,300 calories or roughly 3 miles per day. Clearly the larger the festival size, the higher the calorie burn.

The DJ’s genre style may also raise energy levels as well. While the average festival-goer dances eight hours per day burning 400-700 calories, the study points out that V Festival headlining sets by Calvin Harris and Annie Mac could have you burning up to 700 calories in under an hour!

From setting up your tent in a mud-soaked field to shuffling all day wearing a CamelBak, you no longer have to feel guilty about eating the entire funnel cake to yourself or downing a bunch of Bud heavies.

Via: Irish Examiner

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