Mysterious producer Malaa piques our curiosity with ‘Who is Malaa’ mix seriesWho Is Malaa Mi 4

Mysterious producer Malaa piques our curiosity with ‘Who is Malaa’ mix series

One question is currently ringing throughout the world of dance music: “Who is Malaa?”

The mysterious, masked maverick has been making moves for the last several months, but sneaked into the spotlight this week with his highly publicized remix of Tchami’s “After Life” and a spot on the roster for Holy Ship’s 2016 lineup.

Echoing ƱZ’s model of publicity through obscurity, Malaa released this video, produced by frequent Tchami and DJ Snake videographers Chivteam. Thump postulates that he belongs to the “cabal of Parisian producers that includes DJ Snake, Tchami and Mercer,” which is credible given his affiliation with Chivteam and his remixes of “Lean On” and “After Life”. It is unclear, however, if this is the alias of one of these producers, or a different artist entirely.  

Malaa began cultivating his curious following last month by launching a “Who is Malaa” mix series. Last week, he released chapter four of this auditory mystery novel, which takes a ride on the surreptitious side of g-house, deep house, tech house, and future: 

With the publicity he’s amassed in the last week, it’s safe to say Malaa’s name will be well-known soon. His identity, however, may be a different story.

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