Mysteryland showcases Woodstock grounds in concise aftermovieMysteryland 2015 ForeverFlyyPhotos 48

Mysteryland showcases Woodstock grounds in concise aftermovie

Lately, electronic music fans have been inundated with aftermovies that approach the length of feature films, or full artist sets with a montage of visuals from the festival. Mysteryland, on the other hand, just released its aftermovie that packs a short, powerful punch. Showcasing their early summer festival, Mysteryland’s aftermovie provides vivid insight into the various energies and atmospheres one could find at the festival, the wide assortment of music showcased on the many stages, and the general Mysteryland lifestyle. Located in Bethel, NY, the festival made a statement with an eclectically curated lineup this year. As far as we can tell, Mysteryland is doing it all right, and their aftermovie is simply a showcase of that fact.

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