New summer tune by Artec will make you ‘Feel So Good’Artec

New summer tune by Artec will make you ‘Feel So Good’

Although he’s showcased incredible versatility in the studio over his artist career, Miami-based producer Artec truly shines when he’s producing thoughtful, uplifting sounds and melodies. Years as a resident DJ at some of the Magic City’s toughest clubs have versed him in the art of putting together sounds that work on a dance floor.  Trained in classical music, he’s also very conscious of the importance of a good melody. His latest release, “Feels So Good,” is a great example of what Artec does best.

“I wanted to make an uplifting song that puts people in the mood to celebrate. ‘Feels So Good’ is about leaving your problems behind and embracing life to the fullest. It’s about not feeling stuck or frustrated, and remembering that things happen and things change,” said Artec about the track. Featuring vocals by Mike Irving, it’s a powerful and moving anthem that’s perfect for golden summer afternoons.

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