Parents outraged over Camp Bisco just like their parents were over rock n’ roll in the 60sWinkcrowd

Parents outraged over Camp Bisco just like their parents were over rock n’ roll in the 60s

Notoriously plagued with controversy, Camp Bisco returned this year to a new location at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania after the event canceled its 2014 edition in upstate New York. While A-list talent like Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic and Tipper performed over the 3-day camping festival with hardly any hiccups and, more importantly, no deaths, local Scranton parents were up in arms over the menagerie of debauchery they believe happened. With the over 40,000 patrons allowed access to Montage’s waterpark, which was leased to Camp Bisco for four days, rumors began to swirl that sex, drugs and ratchetness took place inside the usually family-friendly venue. “Montage ‘leased’ the waterpark for the 4-day drug fest, orgies, urinating everywhere, drug overdoses, naked people on water slide ‘concert,'” wrote one parent on the park’s Facebook page. “You can not shock or chlorinate that water enough to make me touch my feet in it for several days. I love Montage but you disappointed me for allowing this.” 

It wasn’t until the day after the festival that families began to complain when they were greeted at Montage by a parking lot of trash piles, bottles of alcohol and naked festival-goers, according to a woman’s description in the Scranton Times Tribune. The woman complained: “It is one of those things you have to see and smell to believe. Everybody making out with everybody, drinking openly. One guy was in a – is it even called a g-string when a guy wears it?” But they’re comfortable.

Montage’s director of marketing and sales, Christina Galdieri, debunked the rumors saying, “No one died and most of the things being talked about are reference to things that happened at a concert in New York. People are making unnecessary and filthy speculation.” 

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