Paul Oakenfold experiments with future housePaul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold experiments with future house

Paul Oakenfold has been around electronic music since its early stages, and continues to embrace multiple soundscapes through his Perfecto, Fluoro, and Perfecto Black labels. After making a splash in the trance scene when it was announced he would do an addition of his Full-On Fluoro series at Dreamstate, the veteran recently surprised fans on his Soundcloud by branching off into future house territory. Not surprisingly, he already has a good handle on the subgenre; fat synths and groovy drum samples prove not to be too overwhelming for Bo Bruce’s vocals in his take on “These Hands I Hold.” Oakenfold’s delivery of such a powerful and different remix to the original not only prove his mastery of any music he desires, but also makes it hard to remember that the original version is a mellow trance tune.

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