Pleasurekraft & Tiger Stripes – Primed (Original Mix)Pleasurekraft Primed

Pleasurekraft & Tiger Stripes – Primed (Original Mix)

The American/Swedish hybrid of Kaveh Soroush and Kalle Ronngardh have been a cornerstone in tech house for years. Having amassed worldwide recognition for their bizarre, cerebral beats under the Pleasurekraft moniker, the cross-cultural pair have spent the last two years rebranding theirĀ Kraftek label. For their newest release, “Primed,” they have enlisted Ronngardh’s compatriot Tiger Stripes to assist in creating a dark, minimalistic track that stays true to the Pleasurekraft roots. Centered around ambient chords for an acquired taste, “Primed” utilizes ominous vocals, simplistically distorted bass stabs, heavy decay, and a driving tech house rhythm to achieve the quintessence of the after-hours club track.

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