Raver proposes to his girlfriend at a gabber festivalScreen Shot 2015 07 23 At 10.08.13 AM

Raver proposes to his girlfriend at a gabber festival

It’s that time of year when our social media feeds seem to become littered with marriage proposals, especially during festival season. While attending Dominator Festival, an outdoor gabber and hardstyle event in Eersel, Holland, cell phone video posted to YouTube yesterday captured one raver enlisting the help of a dwarf as he proposes to his girlfriend. With hundreds of festival-goers clamoring around the couple, the bended knee groom-to-be signals for the dwarf to walk over and hand him a ring box which then prompts him to pop the question to his elated rave bride. She of course says “yes” (who wouldn’t in front of hundreds of people?) and the two share an awww-dorable peck of the lips.

Here’s to hoping they live happily raver after.

Via: Daily Mirror

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