Rene LaVice – Hotblooded (Original Mix)Renelavice

Rene LaVice – Hotblooded (Original Mix)

RAM Records has never been a vanity pool for British drum & bass royalty Andy C. Now 23-years-old, the label has ushered in some of the genre’s most essential contenders, keeping the flame and fan base alive for a sound that for all its dipping in-and-out of the spotlight, has valiantly persevered. Toronto talent Rene LaVice first showed his face for RAM in 2012, but waited until this month to follow-up his heavyset remix of Nero’s ‘The Thrill’ with one of his finest original offerings to date.

‘Hotblooded’ embodies the grunge-tinted take on the sound that has separated LaVice from the herd of late. Somewhere between the gritty percussive breaks, Ivy Mairi’s infectious vocals and the tracks befitting climax, the track hits a precedent fit for the festival crowds and crowded rooms alike whilst also carrying the stamp of quality RAM commands of its output. ‘Hotblooded’ is an essential piece of the puzzle for Rene LaVice – a man shaping up to be one of the world’s most important drum & bass contenders of 2015.

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