RL Grime – Core (Fawks Flip)Core Fawks Flip Art

RL Grime – Core (Fawks Flip)

In the fast-paced world of electronic music, where new artists are born everyday, it often seems as if the market is over-saturated. This influx is great for us as fans, because it means there is a constant outpouring of new music. Necessarily, often the predomination of trends that follows such an outpour can stagnate the scene. Even the most devoted Tchami fan can grow tired of future house, just as the staunchest Flosstradamus follower needs an occasional break from the 808s. However, every so often, an artist will emerge from the woodwork and deliver something that makes us drop everything we’re doing and wonder what we just heard.

Such is the case with newcomer Fawks’ “flip” of RL Grime’s “Core.” What makes Fawks’ remix so impressive is how absolute of a foil it is to the original song. Where RL Grime’s vision succeeds through slow, intimidating rhythms and powerfully drawn out tribal synths, Fawks’ conceptualization exudes energy through a vibrant, complex house beat and a flurry of exuberant synths. Whether purposeful or not, Fawks clearly draws some inspiration from the jaunty compositions of Jack Beats and the vicious bass snarls of 2011-era Skrillex, but his uniquely masterful way of combining all of these traits with the ethnically charged allusions to RL Grime’s original is uniquely exciting and original.