Shirts & Skins launch their first original ‘Then Came You’ShirtsSkins ThenCameYou PINKNEON

Shirts & Skins launch their first original ‘Then Came You’

Back with their first original, Pierce Fulton and Ansolo continue their streak of releases under the Shirts & Skins alias. “Then Came You” is a dance-inducing remake of Dionne Warwick’s classic that pumps the track to life with enticing vocal chops and groovy synth progressions. Sexy house may be the only way to describe it.

The work Shirts & Skins have been producing is a clear departure from both artists’ solo projects, allowing Fulton and Elgort to channel creative energy through genres that otherwise may not suit their brand. “Then Came You” marks only the second track released by the artists, but the song’s quality speaks to the chemistry between the artists — something unusual for such a young group. There’s plenty more to come from Shirts & Skins, so keep one’s eyes peeled.

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